You’re looking for someone genuine, attentive and sensual....


Hello there,


I’m Claudia, a sensual, attentive, free-spirited escort, who seeks lovers searching for a moment, extended moment, a dinner companion, social companion or the sexy addition to a threesome.


I’m a multifaceted woman who has lived and experienced much through travel and study. Being a sapiosexual being, my curious mind and heart would love to learn what makes you tick intellectually just as much as what turns you on sexually.


I take pride in presenting myself to high standard which means I love to look and feel my best. I have no piercings or tattoos and maintain myself in a healthy state in order to give my lovers my very best.


Naturally I like to please, but I also relish in being pleased by a lover. I look forward to accommodating your desires.


 Let’s get acquainted....a très vite!

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