I have a vast array of interests that could be a great way for us to spend time together, if it's companionship you're looking for. Extended dates allow an opportunity to know each other intellectually, which in my opinion, create lasting, passionate bonds.

HIKING I am an outdoors and nature lover and I've completed numerous multi-day hikes as a solo hiker. I love nothing better than planning the nitty gritty details of a hike and drawing strength & happiness from the great outdoors. Leave it to me to plan something rememberable  for us.

TRAVEL Facinated by culture and language, travel is my number one passion.  Fluent in French & Italian, France & Italy are two of my favourite destinations.  I'm always keen to further explore new countries and cultures in foreign lands.


SKIING A capable skier, I learnt to ski as an adult, however, I am a confident, strong skier. I've completed ski seasons in Australia and Europe - let's plan a ski break together!